Bulb Refer a Friend Updates

The very generous Bulb energy referral programme has undergone some changes today. Thankfully, when you use a bulb refer a friend link to switch both gas and elelctricity, they will still pay both of us £50 bulb credit. The changes made are when you switch a single fuel type – just your gas or your electricity.


Bulb will award £25 credit for every fuel type that you switch when using my bulb referral link. To get the maximum £75 bulb referral rewards, you will need to switch your both your energy supplies. That would pay 2 x £25 (for gas and for electricity) making £50 credit each. I then split my share and pay that extra £25 cashback from my pocket when the switch completes.


Approximately 85% of UK homes are on a dual fuel deal, using both electricity and gas, so it might not affect you personally. If you are looking to switch just a single-fuel source, remember that they will pay us only £25 each. The total reward for using my energy switch cashback link for a single fuel would be £25 credit from Bulb + £12.50 in cashback.


As usual, I am happy to pay cashback by PayPal, amazon Gift Vouchers, or Bank Transfer. Be sure to let me know which you prefer using my secure contact form.