Energy use during Covid-19 Lockdown

An article discussing how Bulb energy customers are using energy over the last month or two caught my eye recently. Not only do I promote my Bulb refer a friend link via this website, but I hope to also share relevant, interesting and useful information.


The renewable energy supplier Bulb compared the energy usage of smart meter users before and after the lockdown restrictions began. The chart below shows the times where we use more or less energy than previously, by each hour of the day.

bulb smart meter energy usage in lockdown


Any times where the bar is below the central line shows where less energy is used as a percentage. The opposite for bars above, where we are using more energy.


The lowest point on the graph shows how we are using a lot less energy between 7-8am, when most of us would probably be up and commuting. This might suggest that we’re all staying in bed a little longer, on average – making good use of that time we would normally be stuck in traffic!

It also shows a spike at the top where we are using more renewable gas and electricity around lunchtime. Perhaps more cooking is taking place,m instead of tucking into those packed lunches or ready meals.

You can see that generally, more energy is used between 9am and 5pm, when we are all ‘working from home’. More computers and laptops plugged in, more lights in use etc.


This probably all sounds very obvious, but I find it pretty interesting to see illustrated.


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