• Bulb Energy Cashback

    Switch to Bulb with my referral link and get up to £75 in rewards!
    Dual Fuels reward £50 from Bulb + £25 cash back from me.

    My £75 Bulb Referral Link

Why Switch to Bulb Energy?

There are so many reasons to switch to Bulb Energy, like earning up to £75 for using my bulb referral link!

I’ve been a Bulb customer for years and can honestly say that my experience has been excellent. On this page, I’ll highlight some of the main reasons that I think anybody should consider Bulb as your their energy supplier.

1. Get Bulb referral cashback!

I discovered that bulb gas and electricity prices were pretty low, and made more appealing with a free £50 credit on my bill! This was one of the main reasons I switched to begin with. If you switch gas and electricity to Bulb using a bulb referral code, your account is credited with £50 bulb credit (half for single fuel), to offset against your energy bills.


What I’m offering here is to split my share of the £100 bulb referral credit with you – meaning you get the usual £50 credit from Bulb, plus an extra £25 back from me! Switching a single fuel type rewards are halved.

It’s just an extra incentive to use my code over any other since there are a lot of others offering their standard £50 bulb refer a friend code out there.

bulb energy cashback link



2. Bulb provide 100% renewable energy.

Bulb Energy are actually one of the UK’s biggest green energy suppliers. They provide 100% renewable electricity by making sure that energy the energy we use is fed to the grid by renewable generators. These include solar power, wind power, and hydroelectric power.


The gas that they supply us is 100% carbon neutral. 10% of it is green gas, made from renewable sources such as food & farm wastes. The rest of the gas they supply members is offset by supporting global carbon reduction projects.


3. One simple tariff – no exit fees!

I got tired of looking at all the different tariffs available. Fixed tariffs of varying lengths and multiple tariffs with similar sounding names. It got rather confusing and didn’t seem to change how much they cost over time. Bulb just have the one!


Another huge plus for me was that there’s no exit fee to leave. You see exit fees on lots of other tariffs, especially the ones that appear to be the cheapest!


bulb energy referral code

Lastly… switching is really easy!

It takes just a couple of minutes to get a personalised energy quote. Start by clicking my regular bulb referral £100 link.


If you decide to go on with the switch, let me know using my secure contact form here. They now reward £25 credit for each fuel type. Dual fuel switches get £50 credit + £25 cashback. Single fuel rewards are halved. When it completes, they send us both the account credit and I’ll pay you half of my share!

They make it even easier by contacting your existing supplier, so you don’t have to!