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Bulb Smart Meter

I’m a customer with a bulb smart meter, and I’m also promoting the supplier with my bulb referral link. To help you decide whether to switch, I wanted to write about what bulb smart meters are and also how their new smart tariff works.


In simple terms, bulb smart meters are just a new type of energy meter designed to save you time, energy and money. They send readings automatically so there should be no more surprises on energy bills. You don’t need to manually read the meters and they are doing away with estimates. I’m sure we’ve all all experienced at least one wild estimate in the past!

What are they? How do they work?

They are just like any other meters really, except that they report usage directly to your supplier without the need to send readings. Best of all, it won’t cost you anything to have a bulb smart meter installed!


bulb smart meters installation

How do I get a Bulb Smart Meter?

You can register to have new bulb smart meters installed as soon as you are a member! It doesn’t matter if you are a freshly referred member using a bulb discount code.

You don’t have to have a bulb smart meter if you would rather not. They contact you automatically to book an installation so just just tell them call. If you change your mind, you can still get them installed for free later!


What is an In-Home Display (IHD)?

A bulb smart meter comes with a smart display that is used to monitor your usage more conveniently. I keep mine in the kitchen near the kettle and at a glance, it reminds me of my usage throughout the day.

Unlike the usual sort of meter you might have under the stairs or closed away in a cupboard, it displays usage in monetary terms. This makes it a bit easier to understand than just showing units of gas and electricity used!

bulb smart meter tariff


bulb smart tariff times

The various rates are set based on the demands for power during the day. Energy costs are reduced at less busy times in the day. A full list of prices for different areas is on the Bulb website.

What is the Bulb Smart Tariff?

It’s a new tariff with rates that change at different times of the day. It’s currently only available to customers with a compatible meter, as it it is still in testing and development. I still think it’s quite an exciting prospect!


The idea is that, with the help of a smart metr and IHD, you can work out what costs you the most and change when you use it. For example, putting the the washing machine on overnight. You may already do so, in which case, you could save money on the bulb smart tariff.

Can I switch if I already have a smart meter?

Yes you can, although for the time being it may not be able to communicate with the network as intended. There’s a bit of an issue with old smart meters still being installed before the latest generation – but it’s getting ironed out slowly!

For the time being, it may still be necessary to read the meters the old-fashioned way. If in doubt, I’m sure that Bulb will be able to find out for you.

smets2 bulb smart meter



Where does the £75 Cashback come into it?

If you switch both your gas and electricity using a bulb refer a friend link, they credit both our accounts with £50. When it completes, I’ll pay you £25 from my reward!

Note: The bonus for switching just a single fuel type are half as much. If only gas or electricity are switched, you would receive £25 credit from bulb + £12.50 from my share. 

It takes just a couple of minutes to get a quote and switch, and a total of 21 days to complete.