• Bulb Energy Cashback

    Switch to Bulb with my referral link and get up to £75 in rewards!
    Dual Fuels reward £50 from Bulb + £25 cash back from me.

    My £75 Bulb Referral Link

Bulb Energy Cashback

The best deals for Bulb cashback are not always found on traditional cashback websites. Even though TopCashBack and Quidco do have offers available, they tend to be much less than if you were to use my bulb referral link. Using a traditional cashback website makes you ineligible to receive the Bulb referral code credit, earning less money overall!


For the best deal, switch with my bulb recommend a friend code to earn up to £75 bulb referral bonus. You will receive £50 credit from Bulb Energy for switching gas and electricity, as well as an extra £25 cashback from me! Switch a single fuel for to receive £25 credit + £12.50 cashback. Choose from PayPal, Amazon gift card, or Bank Transfer.

Why use my Bulb Referral Code?


The usual cashback websites, like TopCashback or QuidCo, are useful for a lot of deals – but not when looking for a Bulb Energy referral code. They only pay between £20-£42 and are not eligible to receive the £50 from a normal bulb referral code.


If you use  my bulb referral code, you get paid much faster. Bulb credit your account with £50 on switch completion after 21 days. Then, I pay the £25 when that happens, usually the same morning of your bulb energy switch!


Another important bit to mention with the traditional cashback sites – there are no guarantees! Tracking clicks aren’t always successful and they could claim you didn’t use the right Bulb energy referral. You could still have the cashback declined. Save yourself the hassle and try Switch Rewards for your Bulb Energy Switch!



As well as a smaller bonus, they take longer to pay – we’re talking months, not weeks! Most importantly, they confirm that you cannot be paid in conjunction with other bulb offers or referral rewards. If you use TopCashback or QuidCo your bulb referral, you simply don’t even get to share the Bulb £100 referral reward.


Get a bulb energy quote with my link and, if you go on to sign up, they are in touch every step of the way. It takes just 21 days to complete and receive your bulb energy referral credit! Upon completion, I’ll pay the extra £25 as promised.


You need to contact me after using my link, and let me know how you want to be paid via my contact form.

Even if you forget to use my referral link, Bulb can apply my details retrospectively. Just send me a message and we can get it sorted together!