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Bulb Energy Referral helps them enter the ‘Big Six’

Bulb Energy has grown to become one of the six biggest dual fuel energy supply companies in the UK!

The 100% renewable energy supplier Bulb has been growing at an incredible rate, due in part to the Bulb refer a friend link scheme. It’s hardly surprising that a company who tracks various statistics of the energy industry, called Cornwall Insight, published an interesting ‘Chart of the Week’ that revealed some interesting information!

According to data gathered by Cornwall Insight, for their Domestic Market Share Survey, Bulb have more dual fuel customers nPower, who are among the companies that we often heard called the ‘Big Six’.

As a happy Bulb account customer myself, I’m not surprised at all! I am sure that the Bulb £50 credit deal has helped bring customers across, and don’t forget – you can earn £75 by switching with my link. Click to find out more about my bulb cashback offer here.

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Bulb Refer a Friend Updates

The very generous Bulb energy referral programme has undergone some changes today. Thankfully, when you use a bulb refer a friend link to switch both gas and elelctricity, they will still pay both of us £50 bulb credit. The changes made are when you switch a single fuel type – just your gas or your electricity.


Bulb will award £25 credit for every fuel type that you switch when using my bulb referral link. To get the maximum £75 bulb referral rewards, you will need to switch your both your energy supplies. That would pay 2 x £25 (for gas and for electricity) making £50 credit each. I then split my share and pay that extra £25 cashback from my pocket when the switch completes.


Approximately 85% of UK homes are on a dual fuel deal, using both electricity and gas, so it might not affect you personally. If you are looking to switch just a single-fuel source, remember that they will pay us only £25 each. The total reward for using my energy switch cashback link for a single fuel would be £25 credit from Bulb + £12.50 in cashback.


As usual, I am happy to pay cashback by PayPal, amazon Gift Vouchers, or Bank Transfer. Be sure to let me know which you prefer using my secure contact form.